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Corporate Slogen

Corporate Slogen

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Travel the world

The foldable light way chair with compact size, make you enjoy a trip to explore the world by ship, by cruiser, by air, by train, by bus, by minivan, by SUV and by car.

Partner your life

Equipped with long lasting lithium battery, powerful brushless motor, easy maneuvered joystick and controller, Always enable you to go anywhere, Indoor & Outdoor, to Live, Work and Play.

Safety and security

Manufactured at the factory certified by ISO13485, GMP QSR 820, your dream wheelchair is certified by FDA, CE, ISO7175, EN12184, Cerah,  makes your drive safe and secure.

Warranty and customer service

With reliable warranty terms, stable spare parts supply and customer service network worldwide, you may have customer service at every corner of the world that may be needed. 

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Our powered wheelchair, your effortless travel companion , an innovative , foldable , ultra-compact, light-weight and portable wheelchair, allowing for comfortable travel, compact storage and increasing accessibility, makes your life easy and convenient.

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